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Corey Brown Counseling AshevilleWelcome!  I’m Corey.

I’m a counselor, teacher, artist, creative guide and propagator of hope.

I believe we are all recovering from something; relationships, childbirth, loss, illness, eating disorders, trauma, addictions and even western civilization! Often we allow our lives to become dictated by unhelpful habits and beliefs, which serve as a futile attempt to make sense of our experiences and circumstances. We end up feeling stuck and frustrated, which only further prevents happiness, causing relapse or despair. With and open heart and mind, I’m here to help you become aware of, and make choices towards, a more successful existence though a transformational counseling experience in Asheville, NC.

I’ll assist you in revealing core beliefs and interpretations that support the parts of your life that feel unfulfilled. We will take time to understand your personal story and move beyond your present paradigm; liberating you from limited thinking and making space for what is desired in your life. Together we will work towards true healing, revivification and reclamation of your embodied self.

 There is no better time to discard those oppressive habits, and replace them with a different practice, one rooted in sacred selfishness; a belief that the holistic understanding and interconnection of mind, body and spirit is essential for wellbeing. Human beings have an innate propensity towards wellness and when we take the time to intuitively create and explore, we learn to live in the flow of life, making room to dream, grow and manifest our desires.

I work experientially, which means that a typical counseling session with me combines discussion and verbal processing along with yoga, meditation, biofeedback and expressive arts therapy. My desire to counsel others is born out of my lived experience. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, lost and in despair, to feel trapped in a cycle of bad habits. But I also know that with patience, practice and nourishing connections with others, it’s possible to reclaim those rituals and establish new and worthwhile routines that rejuvenate, restore and cherish the soul. It takes a great deal of courage to embark on this kind of spiritual pilgrimage and I’ll never challenge you to do anything that I haven’t done myself. To read more about my philosophy, training and experience, please visit the ABOUT page.

Sometimes we crave one-on-one counseling, other times we want to be part of a group. There are several different ways we can work together. Please visit my SERVICES and EVENTS pages to learn more about the services I provide. If you are ready to schedule an appointment with me, or have additional questions, please visit the CONTACT page.

I am conveniently located at 383 Merrimon Avenue, Suite C (upstairs). My counseling office is just minutes from downtown Asheville, North Carolina and the University of North Carolina Asheville campus.  There is a free parking lot behind our office and are near bus lines.